Jordan Fitness introduce new Urethane Discs


Jordan Fitness' new Spring release

With the same great quality but an exciting new twist, the Spring release from Jordan Fitness will see an excellent transformation to their Urethane Discs. Jordan Fitness will launch their new range of Olympic Discs, offering a fully encapsulated design made with premium polyurethane; this has been incorporated to deliver great durability and better aesthetics.

The team at Jordan Fitness are excited for the launch as the discs are now fully customisable, encouraging gyms and health clubs to add a personal and professional touch to their weights area. As an extra option, Jordan Fitness are offering a two-tone design, with the choice of colour. This design means the discs will cohere with any brand effortlessly and frame the 3 contoured handgrips.

‘Laser etching’ is also a new customizable feature on the discs. Coming away from the old design of badges and stickers, Jordan Fitness will now imprint the logo directly onto the urethane for a premium finish and great aesthetics, as well as keeping the product super durable.

Jordan Fitness are looking forward to releasing their new Urethane Discs, revamping an old classic. Check out the Jordan Fitness website ( for more details or call 01553 763285.