Jupiter Play brings the Toro to LIW


Jupiter Play will be showcasing the brand new Toro, the compact, high intensity great fun sports court that packs in the best elements from the most popular team sports.

The Toro was developed to make maximum use of smaller areas of sports fields that still allows users to fine tune their skills and practice technique. The best thing about the Toro though is that it doesn’t have to be used as a traditional sports field. There are 4 interactive panels and these are connected via a 3G or 4G network. This allows users to select up to 6 different games which vary from games such as ‘Goal Play’ to ‘Shifter’ with a focus on fun and friendly competition.

Jupiter Play are inviting visitors to book into a match at LIW with an opportunity to win a special prize! To book your try out on the Toro contact Hannah on HHarrison@jupiterplay.co.uk

To discover more about the Toro please click here.