LIW announces huge partnership with CIMSPA.


LIW and CIMSPA promote professionalised industry.

LIW and CIMSPA are pleased to announce their partnership to promote a professionalised leisure industry workforce.

With a shared vision of improving working practices within the industry and to see it grow and develop, this is a huge partnership for both organisations. CIMSPA have recently announced plans to introduce an industry wide accreditation programme, with industry wide and government backing, to ensure one set of standards are applicable to all leisure industry professionals and an overall increase in standards.

“LIW is in full support of CIMSPA’s vision of a standardized industry, our goal with LIW is to provide the industry with the tools to improve their business and commercial performance, we want the industry to be the best it can be,” replied Steve Orton when asked about this new partnership.

CIMSPA’s accreditation programme will be in full effect at LIW 2016, with attendees able to earn accreditation points throughout the show and in particular in the CIMSPA conference programme on their stand within the show.