Physical Company unveils 16 new products at LIW 2016


Physical Company, provider of complete fitness solutions, is unveiling 16 new products on Stand E20 at Leisure Industry Week (LIW) 2016. Expanding its ever-growing portfolio, Physical Company is launching a new range of strength kit and extending its functional equipment lines. Fitness professional and award winning PT, Katie Bulmer-Cooke, will be demonstrating the products on the stand – and putting visitors through their paces with the new kit.

Strength Line:

Physical Company is expanding its strength line, with the newly improved PU Fractional Plates which have been manufactured from tough yet tactile Polyurethane to ensure they stand up to the toughest environments. The Fractional Weight Plates also come with a competition colour coded non-scratch PU. Physical Company has also designed a new set of Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates. Ideal for boosting strength, improving cardio and increasing muscle, the grey Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates range from 5kg to 25kg to allow for progression for an intense and challenging weight training programme.

The team is extending its range of Olympic Bars with the launch of the 6FT Elite Women’s Olympic Lift Bar. The new IWF-standard bar has been created from tough steel but is also beautifully chromed and uses precision bearings, two needle bearings and four ball bearings, for a smoother rotation. Physical Company is also introducing a Competition 7ft Olympic Bar, which again has been created from tough alloy steel and hardened with a fantastic chrome finish, and a premium grade 7ft Olympic Hex Bar. The Hex Bar is pre-loaded weighing 35kg and equipped with dual handles making it ideal for heavy lifting exercise while reducing tensions on the spine.

Physical Company is also showcasing the Swiss Bar, a versatile and multifunctional piece of kit which is great for performing a variety of different exercises. Complete with multi-grip handles, the bar allows users to take a neutral grip when pressing or pulling. Ultra-strong and moulded from steel the maximum loading for the Swiss Bar is 350kg.

Finally, to ensure users have an effect way to save on space and store their Olympic Bars, Physical Company is produced a new wall mounted, stainless steel Olympic Bar Holder which can take up to eight standard Olympic Bars.

Functional Training Equipment:

Physical Company is launching two new Plyo boxes at this year’s show.

  • The 3 in 1 Soft Plyo is made from soft, high density impact absorbing foam and covered in a heavy-duty, non-skid vinyl making it wear and tear resistant. This 3-1 Soft Plyo Box has three heights in one piece of equipment. Its soft surfaces decrease the stress and impact on foot, ankle, knee and hip joints when landing making it perfect for introducing beginners to plyometrics.
  • The 3 in 1 Wooden Plyo is made from 18mm thick hardwood plywood with bevelled outer edges to help prevent injury. It has internal and solid timber supports to distribute the load evenly from all sides and will be available in prebuilt or flat pack.
  • Physical Company is expanding its Power Bag range by launching the PBX PowerBag. A highly versatile piece of kit, the PBX PowerBag provides the perfect crossover between Olympic lifting, Medicine Ball work and core stability training. Ranging from 5kg to 35kg, the PBX PowerBag enables users to perform a wide variety of exercises due to its three different straps and handles, and is excellent for improving grip strength.

    The highly popular Kamagon Ball now has a little brother with the launch of the Mini Kamagon Ball. This smaller ball holds between 1–13lbs of water to create a variable, shifting load for ‘hydro inertia’ training that recruits a large number of muscle fibres when performing the most basic to advanced exercises.

    Physical Company is launching a new range of Slam Balls, which have been redesigned with enhanced rubber grading for better grip. Available in a variety of weights ranging from 3kg to 10kg, the Slam Balls can be used to perform a variety of exercises.

    Harnesses and hurdles

    Physical Company is showing a wide range of new harnesses and bands which will be available in multiple resistances and lengths. The harnesses come complete with clips on both ends.

    Seeing a trend in power enhancing products, the Physical Company Sprinter has been designed to help athletes improve their acceleration to move more quickly and powerfully, over longer distances. With a 10ft elastic rope attached from the shoulder harness to a fixed object, athletes will be able to gain the benefits of resistance while accelerating for full 20ft.

    Physical Company also has a new range of Adjustable Hurdles, which are ideal for ‘fast feet’, agility and co-ordination work as well as knee lift drills and Plyometric jumps. The Adjustable Hurdles are collapsible and portable. Constructed from ABS engineering plastic for higher strength with anti-UV and colour fade proof. They are available singularly or in sets of six, and come in green and black.

    Physical Company is bringing new Battle Ropes to LIW which now incorporate heavy resistance elastic rope, made from tough terylene to elicit muscle contractions throughout the entire body. It has also updated its Resistance Tubes ensuring they are lightweight, easy to use and designed with athletes in mind. Finally, Physical Company is launching new ranges of wrist and ankle weights. Designed with an adjustable 40mm wide Velcro strap and manufactured from soft Nylon backed Neoprene for strength, these comfortable weights are sold in pairs and are available in 1kg, 2kg, 3kg and 4kg.

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