The combination of the hydro massage and cycling


‘Sanitas Per Aqua’ are the words behind the acronym SPA, which means in Latin ‘health through water’. It was the Romans who were the first to use water for wellness and relaxation.

Today the spa is known for its many benefits on our well-being; the combination of heat and massage relax the mind and body, improving health. When you combine water and exercise you accomplish an even greater benefit for the body.

By exercising in water you reduce pressure on articulations and muscles as the water decreases the body weight by around 90%. This improves joint mobility and preserves movement.

This year at Leisure Industry Week visitors will be introduced to The Aqua Bike.

This single person hot tub chamber has an in-built cycling mechanism, combining both exercise and hydro therapy massage which gives the user the ability to exercise longer at a less stressful level whilst burning a significant amount of calories. The combination of the hydro massage and cycling create a more effortless form of exercise with incredible results. While you are pedalling and burning calories your body and muscles are relaxing so the tension and pressure is less but the results are amazing reducing cellulite, firming and slimming buttocks and stomach and overall improving your fitness level.

For the facility it’s the opportunity to include a unique product and concept with excellent revenue earning opportunities. It’s more than another piece of equipment it’s a unique business opportunity. Facilities can see a compete return on investment within 6 months and high levels of profitability beyond this.

It offers a new and exciting workout for people of all ages, something really unusual as the massage combination opens this fitness product to a much wider audience.

The Aqua Bike uses just water with no chemicals and therefore offers a very low maintenance solution. The running costs are also extremely low with the Aqua Bike requiring just 350l of water and with the filling time taking just 7 minutes and draining taking only 3 minutes it allows the facility the opportunity of 1 user every hour based upon a 40 – 45 minute session.

This spa bike/aqua bike concept is already well established and very popular in France, Italy and other European Countries as well as UAE and USA.

The Aqua Bike is not only a unique concept and product, it’s a great addition to any spa, health, rehabilitation or fitness facility and an incredible business opportunity.

To find out more about this product and see it live for the first time in The UK visit The Aqua Bike Team on stand B100 at Leisure Industry Week or email

See you there.