Gantner Technologies

Stand No. 1

GANTNER Technologies is the leading developer of NFC solutions, specially designed for the fitness industry. GANTNER’s complete solution for access control, check-in, electronic locking for lockers, and cashless payment provides a secure, convenient member experience second to none. Challenges of key and money handling are eliminated, as members check-in, make purchases, use lockers and networked fitness equipment all with one NFC membership credential - card, wristband, or keytag.

Most importantly, owners and operators see a quick return on investment thanks to increased cashless payment sales and improved operations with automation. For more than 30 years and in over 60 countries, GANTNER Technologies has supplied NFC solutions to the biggest fitness chains in the world. We count high quality, great design, and short payback times as our strengths. Combined with 3rd party club management software GANTNER creates a fully integrated system solution to beef up your bottom line. Email us today.