Poseidon by Maytronics

Stand No. E140

POSEIDON : the drowning detection system for public swimming pools.

POSEIDON is a computer vision surveillance system that recognizes texture, volume and movement within a pool. Comprised of an advanced overhead and/or underwater cameras network that continually surveys the pool and a specialized software system that analyse in real-time, the trajectories of swimmers, the system can alert lifeguards in the first seconds of a potential accident to the exact location of the swimmer in danger.

Leveraging our worldwide leader position, state-of-the-art, exclusive technologies and a deep understanding of our markets born of over 15 years of experience, we consistently set the standards for product quality, performances, safety features, service and reliability.

The Poseidon has been installed in 250 pools worldwide, and has contributed to save at least 31 people (2 drowning rescues in the UK).

improves the safety of public swimming pools, and it can also result in cost savings. In many cases the installation of this technology enabled a reduction of full time lifeguards making the project self-financing in three and a half years.

Poseidon is a Business Unit of the Maytronics Group.


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