Alex Burrows


Alex is Director of 4 global, the leading independent participation and business intelligence provider to facility operators, governing bodies and local authorities in the UK. Alex has 10 years experience of providing objective customer insight, programme monitoring and facility investment modelling, having worked across the UK, Europe and Asia. 4 global's Sport Intelligence practice manages the DataHub project on behalf of a sector representative Steering Group which includes the ASA, Badminton England, England Squash, GLL, Places for People, UK Active, Gladstone and Xn Leisure. The project is unique to the sector, is free to all facility operators to join, and uses up to date intelligence generated from 170+ million facility visits and 1,300+ facilities to support every DataHub Club member to grow returns. The collaborative DataHub project was launched in 2013 as an automated way for all sport, leisure and physical activity providers across the sector to securely bring their data together, align it with consistent sector data standards and then access and share business intelligence and best practice, at the point of decision. The result is that all DataHub Club members now have access to accurate reporting information, relative benchmarks and actionable operational solutions, based on a central and growing repository. Just knowing what works best, where and when, is impacting physical activity participation and subsequent economic and social returns. As importantly, these outcomes are also now being accurately monitored and evidenced, creating a continuous cycle of improvement. A game changer brought about through sector collaboration.