Allister Frost


Allister Frost, is an award-winning speaker at conferences and exhibitions around the world. He was voted UK Digital Marketing Personality of the Year at the BOC Global Events Innovative Marketing Awards and delivers inspirational talks packed with expertise and guidance for a wide range of organisations and professional bodies

The former Head of Digital Marketing for Microsoft. In his time at the company he was responsible for campaigns including Windows Vista, Windows 7, and the ‘I’m a PC’ campaign. Prior to the software giant Allister worked on consumer brands for Kimberly Clark.

Using examples from around business, including his own experience, Allister examines what the digital world means for business. He looks at how reputations are created in hours by the interaction of businesses and their consumers on social media, and how businesses can learn to be effective in this new world.

In his time at Microsoft, Allister worked on both B2C and B2B strategy with brands including Office, Windows and XBox. He looks at the huge successes, as well as the failures to understand where businesses get it right and wrong.

Now working with companies from Sony to mining company Anglo-American, Allister examines not just how the digital world operates now, but how it will operate in a few years time. In an age where Twitter and Facebook have become world-conquering businesses in just a few years, he seeks to explain how businesses can keep up, and avoid falling for the hype. He also examines how the move to incorporate digital as a means of communicating with and understand customers requires a fundamental culture shift throughout an organisation.