facilities management education stream

The Facilities Management Education Stream is devoted to all aspects of the design and layout of a leisure facility.

Designed to support you in improving customer experience and operational efficiency, the seminar programme will feature topics and discussion on entry systems, energy efficiency, booking software, lighting, flooring, layout, planning and much more.

The Facilities Management Education Stream is ideal for anyone responsible for the day design and maintenance of a facility. The seminar progamme is designed for Facilities Managers, Procurement Teams, Architects, Interior Designers, Specifiers, Pool Maintenance Professionals, IT Professionals, Cleaners and Operations Managers.

Topics Include:

  • Incorporating technology into your infrastructure to improve the customer experience
  • Project management for design
  • Supply chain management
  • People strategies to drive customer experience
  • Managing a multi-use area
  • Specificity for design (creating a brief)
  • Point of use sales - best positioning for best sales
  • Incorporating technology into your infrastructure
  • Link between layout and sales
  • Hygiene and disease prevention
  • Keep your clients safe – dealing with security
  • Developing a safety culture in your facility
  • Improve the energy efficiency and dramatically cut costs
  • The secret to effective merchandising - see your sales soar
  • How to add value to your business through design and layout

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