health education stream

Two content rich days focused on the impact of physical activity on the nation’s health and how the leisure industry has a huge role to play with to drive change.

Covering a wide range of major topical issues which impact on people’s lives day in day out, with seminars focused on children through to the actively ageing population.

The seminar programme will highlight the benefits of integrating physical activity into everyday operations and how the industry can benefit commercially from an increased emphasis on health practices.

The link between leisure, physical activity, health, medicine and fitness should be closer than ever – The Health stream, will cover topical issues that ensure a stronger bond between professionals.

Topics Include:

  • The impact of physical activity on mental health, supporting the population with your facility
  • Exercise as a prescription
  • Commissioning and GP referral scheme : Case Study
  • Diabetes - the modern day epidemic
  • The role of leisure in improving health and wellbeing
  • Lifestyle and behavioural changes to improve physical wellbeing and health
  • Improving health through physical activity and sport
  • The link between leisure, fitness and medical industries to understand and benefit each other.
  • How leisure facilities can impact a healthier generation through good nutritional offerings

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