spa & wet leisure education stream

Focusing on increasing swimming participation and improving operational efficiency to increase revenue and drive down costs.

In partnership with STA, the Spa and Wet Leisure Education Stream will deliver seminars on effective programming for swimming classes, water treatment, health and safety, filtration and much more to provide delegates with the tools to save on costs and boost revenue.

The Spa and Wet Leisure Education Stream is targeted at Swimming Coaches, Water Parks, Spas, Pool Designers, Swimming Pools, Gym Chains, Pool Maintenance Professionals, Engineers, Leisure Trusts and Councils.

Topics Include:

  • Create new income opportunities by keeping learners at the top of the learn to swim programme engaged
  • The secret to effective swimming programming
  • Maximising swimming revenue
  • Disease prevention - Legionnaires diseas
  • Point of use sales opportunities
  • Health and safety updates - HSG179
  • Secondary spend opportunities from your swimming pool
  • Swimming motivation - Keep your clients coming back
  • Working with children
  • Baby Swimming – new classes for new visitors
  • Upselling masterclass – sell more and earn more
  • Use the power of the Sun - UV water treatment
  • Angel Eye – The latest developments in drowning prevention

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